Puppy Paradise 
Luxury Pet Resort

KENNEL: Standard inside cage is either 4x4 or 4x6.

PARADISE: Our comfotable rooms are anywhere from 6x8 to 10x12

KENNEL: They have chain link fence on inside cages, so other dogs can be seen and heard.

PARADISE: We have walled off rooms, so other dogs cannot be seen.

KENNEL: If they even have luxury inside rooms, their prices start at $28.00 per night, not counting extra for medications and playtime.

PARADISE: Our price starts at $38.00 and all of our services are included.

KENNEL: Your loved one just gets dropped off and gets put in the cage. On nice days, he or she gets to go out a 4 foot wide run, unsupervised, and other barking dogs all around.

PARADISE: Here your loved one gets actual walks and constant supervised playtime all day.

KENNEL: At any one time there could up to 100 other dogs at the kennel.

PARADISE: We are a small facility, so we give much more attention to your pets.

KENNEL: We train our loved ones to go to the bathroom outside, at the kennels they are expected to go right where they sleep on the concrete floor.

PARADISE: We take your loved ones outside to go to the bathroom.

KENNEL:They have office hours and certain pick-up times. They are also closed on weekends.

PARADISE: We make ourselves avaliable 7 days a week for pick-up and drop-off. Also keep in touch with our puppies parents as per their request.

KENNEL:They have check-out times, usually 11:00am or 12:00pm. If those times are not met you pay an extra night.

PARADISE:We only charge by the night, you have til 5pm to get picked up without getting charged and till 7pm for a half day charge